Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am online with my first blog!

The new consumer.

The advertising and marketing industry is generating fresh information every single day. We could even say it generates news every minute.

And with our capability to market our products, services and ideas over the Internet, together with the most recent appearance of Social Media tools and a new type of consumer, that information and news flow has exponentially increased.

With this blog I want to build a bridge, an union, a balance point between news and comments that sometimes go on opposite directions, maybe creating a bit of confussion - most of the times with no intent - among less experienced people, and even among those whom should benefit from it the most: young people who are studying careers related with these subjects and look on the Internet for sources of information to deppen the formation they are receiving in the classroom.

¿My goal? May this blog be of serve to me, you and everybody, as a learning, listening, opinion-comments-ideas-suggestiong-sharing tool and even to share those stories that might make it easier to illustrate those concepts sometimes so hard to swallow with only words and theory.

Your participation is most welcome and encouraged.

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