Friday, July 1, 2011

Did you put all your eggs into only one basket?

Did you get all carried away with all the buzz about Facebook, Twitter, and that modern social media phenomenon and networks that promised you heaven and earth, and the disappearance of all your worries?

That is so normal!  You will be neither the first nor the last one that makes the same mistake. But not all is evil!

To the contrary, it is a good moment to recall that Facebook, Twitter and so many other professional and social networks, as well as the diverse communities that you can find on the Internet are extraordinary marketing tools, but just that... TOOLS!

Even in our days, with the impressive advance of the technology, traditional marketing strategies continue functioning and they are able, in many cases, combined with the new available tools to create powerful promotional campaigns, and therefore, to generate more sales for your business, or to increase brand recognition, or customer's loyalty, or better yet, in a word, to generate positive results...  Very positive!

What is important is not to lose the focus.  Still today, the basic concepts continue to work the same way, and you can gain a lot of understanding if you start by asking yourself the following questions: 

¿Do you really know your product? ... But, really, with honesty, accepting that it can have bad things and good things, what people call "fortresses" and "weaknesses"? 

¿Do you really know who your client is? ...  Do you really know who he is, what his likes are, the reason he buys from you, what he likes about your product, what he reads, what he watches on the television, what his habits are? ....  Did you even ask yourself if your client had Internet before launching your efforts to reach him on the social networks?

And your competitors? ¿do you know them as well?

The answers to these questions are extraordinarily important because they allow you to make wise decisions, to choose wise vehicles, to invest the necessary money and, the most important, ¡to be able to have better results!

We are not trying to say social networks are not good.  Quite the opposite, they are very good, and they are even better if you can find your clients on the other side of the monitor.

Nowadays, within all the excitement, it looks like people forgot how important the "face to face" encounter is, the shaking hands, the phone conversation, the sponsorship of an important event, the traditional media, etc.  Each one has its own function, moment and effectiveness, and it all depends on the knowledge that you have of the three questions that we presented to you above: product, client and competitors.

If you put all your eggs in a single basket, you can rest assure all of it is not lost.  If there is something good about "planning" is that it is always flexible. ... Very flexible, and allows us to change course when achieved results are not what we expected them to be.

It works, put it all back together again move on. You will win!

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