Monday, January 8, 2018

Giving Myself Room Enough to Fully Recover from Shoulder Surgery

I do hope you are all having a wonderful day today!

Last year was a particularly interesting year for me.

Even though I continually recommend my clients to plan their activities in advance so that all the actions they implement are aligned with the achievement of their objectives, and that such planning should begin with an analysis of the situation in which they find themselves, I ignored my own recommendation and failed to include in my planning last year everything that would happen after I had surgery on my right shoulder, which I knew was coming.

Even though it was a surgery that we could consider "minor", it required the dedication of a significant amount of time and effort to get my shoulder back to operative conditions, and it still requires it.

Taking into consideration my recent experience, as of today, and knowing in the first 2018 quarterI have to undergo a new surgery, this time on my left shoulder, I have decided to temporarily suspend the translation to English of the articles on my blog, only maintaining their initial Spanish versions.

And I do it simply because I know I will need those hours to devote to my recovery and rehabilitation process, so - as of this date - you will not find new English written articles in this blog, only on the Spanish side of it.

As everything, it is a temporary situation, and as soon as the rehabilitation of my shoulder is finished and I can manage my time again without restrictions or major obligations, I will go back to translating all the material I develop for this space.

I hope you will understand where my decision is coming from: I do like to dedicate time to my blog and to the translation of its articles, but this year I have a task that is a priority: the absolute recovery of my operated shoulder.

Thank you again for all your support and for reading the content that I share here.

God willing, I will see you soon with more content to share.